extra english. episode 2. part 2

poor — бедный и в прямом, и в переносном смыслах. аналогично

rich — богатый и в прямом, и в переносном смыслах.

spoil — портить.
spoil sport — a person who ruins the fun or the enthusiasm of others.
«Come on, let’s go to your cousin’s party tonight and have some fun!»
«No, it won’t be fun, and my cousin is NOT cute»
«Aw, don’t be such a spoil sport!»

trendy outfit — модный прикид.

outfit — a set of clothes that is specifically picked out so that all pieces of clothing «go together». Normally something a woman wears, but recently black men have adopted to custom. White boys wear clothes. Brothers gotta wear an outfit.

super duper — Great stuff! Splendid!!

tin — консервная банка


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