afraid and afraid of. разница.

5 вариантов оформления слова afraid and afraid of.

1. без расшифровки.
2. с расшифровкой в виде придаточного предложения.
3. с расшифровкой в виде существительного.
4. afraid с герундием.
5. afraid с инфинитовом.

1. без расшифровки.
We don’t have anything like that, I’m afraid.

2. с расшифровкой в виде придаточного предложения.
I’m afraid (that) I have to answer a call of nature.

3. с расшифровкой в виде существительного.
The girls were afraid of snakes and picked their way along with extreme caution.
I grew a little afraid of the guy next door.
I was afraid of her, but at the same time I really liked her.


afraid and afraid of с глаголом после себя.

4. afraid + of + герундий.
акцент на опасение вещей, которые вне нашего контроля, происходят случайно.
He was afraid of hurting my feelings.
They are afraid of incriminating themselves and say no more than is necessary.

5. afraid + to + инфинитив.
показывает больше опасение за возможные последствия.
First of all, banks are still afraid to loan.
He thinks that some workers may be afraid to put questions publicly.
Martina Navratilova has never been afraid to speak her mind.

ввиду того, что иногда нет четкой границы между случайностью и последствиями, одну и ту же мысль можно передать в оба способа.
He is not afraid of telling her / to tell her the truth.


ещё примеры. He makes such a racket I’m afraid he disturbs the neighbours…
I’m afraid it’s rather a long story…
I’m afraid Jean-Paul has gone raving mad.
I’m afraid I don’t have enough ready cash.
I’m still that shy, retiring little girl who was afraid to ask for sweets in the shop.
Was he afraid, he was asked. `Afraid of what?’ he retorted…
Aren’t you afraid of being seen as a righteous crusader?…
Don’t be afraid to have this checked by a doctor–better safe than sorry!
I was afraid the sickness had sapped my strength…
I’m afraid that this school year is off to a shaky start…
`I’m afraid he’s ill.’—`I’m sorry to hear that.’
They are not afraid to tackle the issues or let the sparks fly when necessary.
He is street smart and is not afraid of this neighborhood.
I was afraid of her, but at the same time I really liked her…
He doesn’t want to meet me. I, too, have been afraid to talk to him…
To tell you the truth, I was afraid to see him…
Afraid of bad publicity, the department had suddenly become very twitchy about journalists.
People are afraid to venture out for fear of sniper attacks…
Because Mother is afraid we’ll get lost, we aren’t allowed to wander far…
She was afraid in a way that was quite new to her…
I’m afraid I can’t remember the way.

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